Superb Saturday . . .

It is great to wake up early before sunrise because all that you breath-in is pure energy which will boost your day.

Today I woke up at 05:30, let’s see how my day was fantastic. . .

It started with some minutes of communication with God. Yes, I can communicate with God!

Went to play football with my colleagues. Match started at 10:15, I was there only for the first half. It was a fantastic football match, Orange Business Services vs HSBC team. First half score 2-0. Left the pitch at 11:15 due to LUGM meet -up. Final score 5 – 1.

OMG, it was already 12:00 when I reached home. Got ready and set out for shopping at Bagatelle Shopping mall. Since I did not have breakfast in the morning, I dropped in KFC and had a mini lunch, then went to meet my geek friends at Mugg & Beans.

LUGM meet-up . . .


As usual I’m late. On my arrival at Mugg & Beans; Ish, Nitin and Pawan was already there having coffee. Ish was introducing some Linux basics to Pawan who was enjoying his first meet-up. Nitin was manipulating some stuffs on his VPS.

I made myself comfortable and order some coffee.(It’s our tradition either coffee or beer.) Started my labtop and here we go …


NItin puzzled with Jochen instructions

Jochen joined us on Facebook as Ish forgot to set up a G+ hangout. He was commenting on Pawan’s FB post and pointed out some security issue in Nitin’s website & also some PHP stuffs. Nitin was being “ass-kicked” by the technical instructions that Jochen was posting on FB. I was amazed with the commands and at the end I was lost. It was too complicated for me to follow.

IRC-Internet Relay Chat, it was created when i was still in the balls and I’ve learned how to use it today. We joined the openSuse channel and had some fun. Then Ish ask me to join the Ubuntu channel, there some geeks were discussing high level Linux command.

Ish continued with Pawan on Linux Intro. Nitin and I shared some LPIC notes. We’ were planning about the LPIC exam. In the meantime we were also making fun of Nitin as Jochen was kicking his ass via facebook. I’m sure he has learned a lot of good things today.

Apache – I installed apache on my labtop some weeks ago to have some fun and to get some knowledge about web hosting. Ish was trying to access my webpage but it was not working. We did some troubleshooting, restarted apache. Yuppy it works! From apache to PoD (Ping of Death).

Nitin and Ish taught me how PoD works. After that we’ve discussed about hacking stuffs. Pawan was really interested with the hacking topic. Finally Nitin ended  with his VPS settings.

Meet-up ended at 17:00.

On our way home…

To our surprise Nitin has an apple logo on his car!!!
My God, i got some doubts is he really a penguin??? Yeah he’s one but one who loves apple as well.


Everyone got in the car, the “apple_penguin” was going to drop us at the bus stop. Laughters, blabbering  and music, we were heading to the bus-stop. Cherry on the cake… Nitin got flashed by a speed-radar… EPIC FAIL !!!

That’s how the day ended.

It’s already 22:26 (time at which i’ve finished writing this post) but I’m still full of energy. Now I believe in waking up early in the morning.


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